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Shibang's high-end brand marketing your brand play it?


Shibang's high-end brand marketing your brand play it?

2017/08/22 11:41
When the industry into a mature market, it is no longer the era of brutal growth, in the expansion and maturity of the enterprise, will take a different marketing strategy started brand awareness. High-end marketing is no longer a single set up a huge marketing network, but the brand symbol of this "invisible" marketing network implanted in the hearts of consumers, no doubt Zhibang kitchen cabinet deep dumb this road. From 2015 to start a new brand strategy - 2016 annual brand marketing to pull the brand potential energy, 2017 Zhicang kitchen cabinets in the brand marketing upgrade on the road all the way bolted.
Following the first "3.8 men under the kitchen festival", invited two major efforts to send Chen Xiaochun and Luo Jialiang started the first shot after the opening of the first shot, "Zhibang kitchen sent to" open the mid-year carnival about "benefits", continuity, continuity Brand output to Zhibang's marketing activities, as the industry marketing case. So, such a high-level brand marketing, how exactly Fun?
Brand core value - shape the topic
A brand differentiation with the core value of the brand, is to allow consumers to clearly identify and remember the basis of the brand's point of interest. Zhibang kitchen cabinets "focus on the kitchen to understand life" - its "more understanding of life," the value of the demands, is to drive consumer recognition, like Zhibang the main force, has become the basis of Zhibang brand marketing.
Based on the core of the value of the topic - "life, how do you want to live?", Respectively, to Jane from the simple, live in the moment and flowers, goods life Subway two life factions to stimulate the public to explore their own lives, Also guide consumers regardless of which school you choose, in the country can find you love.