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Europe to send cabinets won the "2017 China's preferred real estate procurement supplier" award!


Europe to send cabinets won the "2017 China's preferred real estate procurement supplier" award!

2017/08/22 11:39
In August 2017, Hainan Sanya is full of warmth passion as always. The 17th Bo’ao Real Estate Forum was held as scheduled which attracted real estate people from all parts of the country. As only one representative in the industry of cabinet, OPPEIN Cabinet participated in the grand meeting together with leading characters of development, investment and financial institutions of real estate and supporting enterprises. 
The forum cited excellent real estate enterprises and suppliers. With the outstanding product brand and improved logistics service system, OPPEIN Cabinet was awarded as “First-selection supplier for 2017 real estate procurement of China”, it is the sole enterprise awarded as this title in the industry, which demonstrates the profound strength of the leading brand!
The Bo'ao Real Estate Forum was sponsored by Viewpoint Real Estate New Media, and OPPEIN Cabinet acted as one of co-organizers. The forum originated from August 2001, until now there has been successive 16 forums successfully held. Each year, lots of leading characters such as Wang Shi, Xu Jiayin, Ren Zhiqiang, et al. and benchmarking enterprises participated in this forum, with plenty of classical memories and legend stories remained. Presently, it is regarded as whole-industry top-end thinking forum with the maximum influence, the most extensive degree of participation, extremely high authority. 
During the communication with many top managers in real estate industry, Mr. Zhang Xiuzhu, the engineering director of OPPEIN said that “With improvement of production technologies of closet and cabinet enterprises, and gradual mature cognition of resident to custom-made furniture consumption, as well as booming real estate in 2017, today is the spring of custom-made furniture, large furniture of real estate and non-standard customization will be the trend of future. Therefore, OPPEIN must hold this trend for better future.”