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Leifeng Group has been committed to the R&D and design of log home furnishing products. In-depth exploration of Chinese and American classical elements, in-depth study of log craftsmanship, processing, painting and other industry difficulties, ingenuity, pioneering and innovation; formed a set of its own unique product production technology and management methods that meet the requirements of export quality and quality.

The company has won the appreciation of many customers in the United States and Canada with its outstanding craftsmanship, elegant and extraordinary design, and excellent quality. Order", and also won the title of "Key Enterprise in Mawei District".

With the escalation of Sino-US trade frictions, Leifeng Group is implementing a new strategy for corporate development at a positive pace. In 2018, after a rigorous investigation and research on the home furnishing market in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Taiwan attracts investment attention due to its advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation, high-quality personnel and relatively developed woodworking equipment. At the beginning of 2019, Leifeng Group successfully set up a production base for cabinets and whole-house customization in Taiwan, China, so as to alleviate the impact of trade frictions, and at the same time develop the whole-house customization market in Taiwan to meet the needs of medium and large-scale brand operation customers at home and abroad. to meet the procurement needs, and continue to expand and solidify the import and export of foreign trade.

Leifeng Group is an enterprise that pays great attention to social values. It has been practicing public welfare for many years and won the title of "Charity Influence Enterprise". Mr. Chen Ziqin, the chairman of the board, did not forget his responsibility to give back to the society. He subsidized poor college students to complete their studies, contributed to the construction of their hometown to help the poor people in their hometown, and won the "Fuzhou City Enthusiastic Public Welfare Contribution Award" and other related honors issued by the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government for many times. Commendation, many years of social dedication make it honorable to be included in the "Fujian Charity Award Ceremony". In 2020, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection is raging around the world. In addition to donating money and materials to help the prevention and control, Leifeng Group, in order to solve the problem of scarcity of masks, "cross-border" production of disposable civilian masks by its subsidiary Fuzhou Dinggeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. , to provide material support for winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control. Leifeng Group will uphold a high sense of social responsibility and provide assistance to the country and society within its capacity with practical support.

Leifeng Group is an enterprise that attaches importance to brand and culture, and an enterprise that attaches great importance to social values. Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of "adhering to integrity, pursuing perfection, and striving for first-class", we will provide the ultimate home enjoyment for users who pursue high-quality life, and strive to make LIFEART the first brand of solid wood cabinets in China. Serve every Leifeng customer who has the pursuit of high quality life. 
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