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The company has a vigorous and excellent management and technical team. Our team members come from all over the world. Although we have different personalities, educational backgrounds and work experiences, we are full of ideals and down-to-earth to realize them; we have unlimited ideas. The training and education of the company constantly expands its horizons, improves its comprehensive quality, and keeps it in sync with the growth of the enterprise. Adapt to the company's professionalization, professional management and development needs. Let them become high-quality, passionate and responsible professional and technical talents and management talents, put the right people in the right positions to meet the needs of the company's development, and build a harmonious labor relationship in which employees and the company "grow together".

Personnel structure: 22 employees have worked for more than 10 years since entering the factory, accounting for 9.5% of the total number of employees, and employees have more than 5-10 years since entering the factory, accounting for about 65% of the total number of employees



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