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  Fujian Leifeng Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd. was established in May 2003 as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise with a registered capital of 8 million US dollars and a total investment of 16 million US dollars. Yuan, the number of global employees exceeds 600.


  Fujian Leifeng Home Furnishing Group owns Fujian Leifeng Cabinet Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Leifeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Leifeng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., Lei Fuli Industrial Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries. Among them, the whole house customization is the leader, which drives the development of related industries, including overall cabinets, wardrobes, bathrooms, furniture, stone materials, etc., forming a diversified industrial pattern. The products are exported all over the world and have high international standard certification.

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The company has a multi-brand matrix such as "Lifeart Cabinetry", and has formed a complete and independent self-operated sales and warehousing system. Adhering to the concept of "relying on talents, taking quality as the guarantee, taking the market as the guide, and taking customer satisfaction as the responsibility", we provide better products and more considerate services for customers at home and abroad. Today, direct sales outlets cover many countries and cities in the world, and have served more than 300,000 families around the world.


In 2019, under the tension of the Sino-US trade war and tariff confrontation, the US Department of Commerce issued an anti-dumping and countervailing duty order on cabinets, wooden cabinets and bathroom cabinets imported from China. As a result, furniture made in China loses its competitiveness in the US market. Considering the long-term strategy, the Group established a production base in Taiwan in April 2019, and its products are exported to the United States. After 18 years of brand accumulation, the group has developed into a large-scale professional company integrating R&D, production and marketing.


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